business models

You did the difficult part already: to create an engaged community. Our work now is to develop different business models that will allow you to live off your passion.

audience expansion

We want you to stay focused on the development of great content. Everything else, from media management to managing the interactions with your community, is our responsibility.

creative support

We see Creative Planning and Art Direction as powerful differentiators during all stages of a business. We gather the latest insights, lessons, and emerging trends from all business segments around the world to inspire your business.


don’t chase customers,
build audiences

All businesses have clients. The lucky ones have fans. But the most fortunate enterprises have audiences. To have an engaged audience is the biggest competitive advantage your brand can have, because most of your competitors are still spending a lot of money to reach and engage people.

add passion
to your performancena

“Efficiency is killing branding”. The increasingly sophisticated use of data, combined with Machine Learning and AI, results in a level of precision for message segmentation never seen before. In the other hand, the shortsightedness of focusing only on sales conversion will build (or unbuild) brands without no empathy from its target audience.

run away from creative bureaucracy

Marketing efforts from large corporations are complexly perfect to work well around the world. That model, however, leads to mediocrity if attempted with passionate content creators: consumers show little interest in content co-produced or sponsored by brands.

In this scenario, our role is not that of a content producer agent. The Corporate Garage’s proposition is to make the brands’ messages relevant again, with the help of content creators.


The advertising industry (US$30BB in Brazil) lost its relevance, squeezed between Science and Passion.

The popular saying “I know half the dollars I invest in advertising are lost, I just don’t know which half” no longer means much in a world dominated by Google and Facebook. Nowadays, clients knows scientifically what is not working in their communication. And their partners in this discovery is not their advertising agency, but the consulting companies that commands all their information

Just 3 brands on YouTube’s Top 500.

To speak to large audiences, on the one hand you have the assertiveness of giants like IBM and Accenture. On the other side, directly influencing the behavior of millions of people, there’s the fragmented world of passionate content producers. This is a unique opportunity for investment and professionalization of authentic passions.


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cleber martins

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gustavo fortes

claudio prates


are everywhere:

“It’s crazy not to hire the best people just because they live far away. Especially now that there’s so much technology out there making it easier to bring everyone together online”.
This excerpt from “Rework” describes our lean operation. Our headquarters are in São Paulo, but our team lives in the city or elsewhere, but seldom come to the Garage. Had we limited our search just on people leaving nearby, and/or with full-time availability for our projects, we wouldn’t be together with the great team we work with today.
We rely heavily on tools such as Slack, Trello, Google Meets, and Dropbox to connect agilely and lightly with our team, talents, and clients.


What does The Corporate Garage offers to its content producers porfolio?

The Corporate Garage aims to provide capital, orientation, design, and networking for content producers willing to make an impact. Some of our product offers are design sprints, video sprints, brand sprints, prototyping, program pilots, and, most importantly, the creation of business models.

What content producer profile is The Corportate Garage interested in investing?

Right now The Corporate Garage remains agnostic regarding content subjects, focusing instead on the quality and the passion of content producers. We’ve been looking for channels/profiles in early stages of monetization, but we’re quite open to collaborate with professional content producers as well.

Is The Corporate Garage’s content producer offer to brands limited to its current portfolio?

No. As our name says, our main differentiator is to join our corporate marketing expertise to understand a brand’s positioning, with the curiosity and detachment of entrepreneurs working off a garage. This combination allows The Corporate Garage to go after the most passionate people in the world, that speak directly to the hearts and souls of the people you want to talk with.


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