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Every day Leandro Fellipe’s channel sends a shipment of his ‘Gambiarra’ kits – the word ‘gambiarra’ means a kind of elegant quick fix. The beauty of the kit is to be fully in line with the King of the Gambiarras channel proposal. It’s not a Lego kit. It’s a tailor-made kit for the audience of nearly one million amateur subscribers, like their idol, for doing things with their own hands, with good ideas and reuse of materials.

The kit for genius creators of gambiarra brings an extremely useful idea: a water box volume meter, with all the pieces for the user to weld and, also, have to look for materials like pet bottles to finalize the project and feel like a great Creator of gambiarra! Our proposal is not about selling a product but selling an experience that approaches fans to the idol.

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In just 10 months in Brazil, Disensa – the largest chain of building material franchises in Latin America – has already opened 90 stores and plans to close this year with 200 stores nationwide.

Patrícia Pomerantzeff, from the @domaarchitecture channel, is responsible for co-creating the entire content of the Disensa channels, bringing their passion for maintenance and construction to consumers, transforming the minds of Brazilians and theaching that it is easy to enjoy maintenance works and inspiring them to transform their homes and their lives.

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Coffee with Tea >>

After many requests from his followers, Jiang (Masterchef BR) and Luitha (Band and MTV Brazil) are together in the kitchen again. An awesome mix: the energy and relaxation of Luitha with Jiang’s oriental calm and sympathy. Coffee and Tea. Recipes with products that every refrigerator has, and other quite exotic and not so simple to find, but that make all the difference.

With an inbound marketing strategy, content is found by those who are looking for that specific recipe and all the necessary ingredients, exotic or simple. Just push the home delivery button to have a special dinner, just in time.

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Audiovizuando >>

Duca and Américo, partners at the Audiovizuando channel, can be considered the influencers of the influencers, since their channel is where the most acclaimed content creators of Brazil go to learn winning techniques and delve into the latest trends and equipment, making their channels more professional.

Combining an easygoing attitude with their authority on the subject, besides being famous youtubers, the Audiovizuando channel is the destination for anyone whose goal is to enter or improve their skills in the world of audiovisual production, through a variety of hands-on courses, both online and traditional, to meet a wide range of needs.

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