What does the corporate garage offers to its content producers portfolio?

The Corporate Garage aims to provide capital, orientation, design, and networking for content producers willing to make an impact. Some of our product offers are design sprints, video sprints, brand sprints, prototyping, program pilots, and, most importantly, the creation of business models.

What content producer profile is the corporate garage interested in investing?

Right now The Corporate Garage remains agnostic regarding content subjects, focusing instead on the quality and the passion of content producers. We’ve been looking for channels/profiles in early stages of monetization, but we’re quite open to collaborate with professional content producers as well.

Is the corporate garage’s content producer offer to brands limited to its current portfolio?

No. As our name says, our main differentiator is to join our corporate marketing expertise to understand a brand’s positioning, with the curiosity and detachment of entrepreneurs working off a garage. This combination allows The Corporate Garage to go after the most passionate people in the world, that speak directly to the hearts and souls of the people you want to talk with.

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